is a collection of 98 graphic compositions.  Each is rendered in black ink on a sheet of white 8.5x11 inch paper.  The compositions represent extensions and extrapolations of conventional music notation.  Book is available for interpretation (however radical) by any performer(s) in any place at any time in any part for any duration.
c2006 Will Redman
12-piece version of the Open Music Ensemble 04/06
Gallery Installation 01/06
Six-piece version of the OME 04/06
Improvising rock band Bird With Strings 04/06
Josh DeScherer and Will Redman 07/06
Electric guitar and drums 11/06-
Pittsburgh-based Chamber Ensemble 04/07
11-piece version of the OME 04/07
Will Redman 08/07
Vibraphone and Max/MSP 10/07
More scores
two pages from Book
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I would like to add more versions of Book to this website. Please email me if you have any questions about performing it (though you should really answer those questions yourself!) or if you have recorded it and want to send me the recording. Merci.